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As experienced business accountants, we’re pleased to provide total accounting and taxation services for businesses in Port Shepstone

Many business owners struggle to work and manage their business’s finances simultaneously, which is why engaging an accountant is ideal. By handling a variety of everyday fiscal business tasks, we take the stress out of your finances so you can tackle aspects of your business you actually enjoy. 

We’re well-equipped to accurately manage financial records, provide insight into potential issues, discover hidden opportunities, and locate areas of business performance that can be improved.


We do everything, from bookkeeping, archiving, accounting, to tax consulting. We are a professional accounting firm in Port Shepstone that offer you a high-end expert financial service. Let’s face it – you didn’t go into business to do the accounts. 

Let Ravi Lautan and Associates support you with our range of accounting and tax services. Our team of accountants boast the skill and experience to help you make the right decisions in any of your financial ventures. 

When you work with us, you have the peace of mind knowing that your business is under the guidance of some of the most trusted accountants and business advisers. We are affiliated with SAIT and SAIBA, which means that we always strive for high standards of excellence in the accounting profession.

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Tax Consulting

Should you require tax consulting services, our consultants will alleviate the burden and complexities associated with tax compliance. This will allow you to focus on growing our business. Furthermore, our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to handle any issues should they arise. We will take care of all your tax compliance needs such as: Completion and submission of tax returns Tax calculations Completion of forms Registration and submission of various taxes including PAYE, SDL, UIF, and VAT


In a complex business world, bookkeeping is becoming more and more important. Managing financial information is a tough task which needs the help of a professional. At R Lautan & Associates we believe that technology saves time and time saves money. Accordingly we make use of the latest technology in our bookkeeping approach enabling you as the client to be informed and in control whilst saving you time and money.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, managing your financial affairs can be extremely difficult to do. There are a lot of things you need to consider and be aware of, and more often than not, you won’t have the time to manage them all on your own. Our team of chartered accountants have the skills and experience to help guide your business in the right direction and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

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Business Planning

You may be wondering why you need a business plan in the first place. After all, you have a clear idea in your mind about what you want to achieve. You know the market, you have the necessary skills. So why do you need a plan? Every business should have a business plan. It’s not just a great idea but a necessary document for all businesses. We run a business plan development session that gets to the heart and soul of your business. Upon completion of pre-work (that you complete) which provides us with a starting point of understanding your vision and company values, we will facilitate a planning session to help you create a clear business plan.

Admin Services

We take care of it all your admin services ranging from invoicing, archiving, legal paperwork, and more. In this way, we complete your required tasks with our team. This ensures that your business financials are all in order. All our clerks’ work is processed and reviewed under management supervision. 

Another advantage of this is the availability of information for management and/or financial statements and providing on the spot advice about your business and possible problem areas, since we deal with your records and processing on a daily basis.

Admin Services
Business Planning

Company and Trust Services

We help our clients register new companies with CIPC and new trusts with the Master of the High Court. Our registration service also includes independent trustee services, company secretary services and all support services like resolutions and independent reporting.

Company Registration Services

  • Registration of New CC, Trust and Companies
  • Financial & Business Advice
  • Amendments and changes
  • Annual Returns to CIPRO
  • Administration of Trusts
  • Administration of Companies
  • Administration of Close Corporations
  • Help with planning of B-BBEE
  • Shareholder Certificates
  • Shareholder Registers

Trust Services

Trust administration has many arms to it including attending to gifting, recording of minutes, resolutions, and preparation of annual accounts to name a few. Ravi Lautan & Associates will provide trust administration services and ensure that your family trust does what it was set up to achieve.

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