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The staff at Ravi Lautan & Associates are like family. We get to know the staff we employ on a personal level. They are not just employees. We learn about them, their background, family, and history. We share in their happiness, sorrows, we get involved with their families, and spend time together.
Ravi Lautan & Associates
The current staff complement is 11, and the company is all about empowering its employees. It also believes in giving opportunities to people without the relevant experience. We would rather invest in our town and one way of doing it is to give a person who knows nothing a chance. Senior members of staff play the roles of mentors and guides to train junior staff out of school.

Continuing a family legacy

Professional business accountants, financial advisors, and tax practitioners

Ravi Lautan & Associates in Port Shepstone has been built on the legacy of the late Roy Lautan, who initially started and ran the business on a part-time basis in Albersville between the 1960s and 1980s.

“At the time, my dad worked at a local company and started the business at home with a few clients. In 1982, he resigned from his post and his part-time business became a full-time concern,” says Ravi Lautan.

Ravi’s career plan was always focused on working with numbers. Accounting was in my blood. I was very good at it and I pursued it. I had other options, but it did not interest me, as my heart was set on accountancy. 

Financial advisor

Ravi took over the company in February 1992. Ravi and his dad ran the business. His brothers joined but were not too keen, as they were more involved in insurance. Sadly, Roy passed away in June of the same year. When Ravi joined, he decided to go public with the company. Today, Ravi Lautan & Associates is not only well-known on the South Coast but further afield as well.

The company opened its first office in July 1992 at the corner of Escombe and Aiken Street in the Port Shepstone CBD with two staff members. After four years at that first premises, the next move was also on Escombe Street for a further three years, and then to Reynolds Street where the company was based for nearly 24 years.

Dynamic husband and wife duo

Jayshree and Ravi Lautan are the success behind advisory and accounting firm Ravi Lautan & Associates

Jayshree joined the company in 2005, having previously worked in the banking sector. Through the years the company grew steadily, however phenomenal growth occurred between 2010 and 2020. The year-on-year growth also saw more staff employed.

Ravi Lautan
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